Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to sell at Ebuyfarma?

Selling at Ebuyfarma allows the pharmaceutical laboratory to access the widest network of professionals actively seeking offers from the sector. Also the system will suggest products taking into account their actual stock offering real needs of your pharmacy from those laboratories that belong to the system.

What products can I sell on

You can sell any product marketed by the pharmaceutical laboratory for the national territory. Services can also be provided

In ebuyfarma the sale is direct between the laboratory and the pharmacy, reason why it is completely legal the sale of medicines, parapharmacy and other products of the sector

What kind of products cannot I sell on

You cannot sell illegal products, illegally traded products, or products that prohibit the ebuyfarma policy. Among other medicines not approved for commercialization in Spain

How much does it cost to sell on

Incredible as it seems costs absolutely nothing. The sale is direct between laboratory and pharmacy or professional of the sector. Both the high of products as well as keeping it active in the platform has no cost.

When will they start charging me the monthly subscription fee?

No monthly subscription. Ebuyfarma only charges for the performance of product-to-product marketing. You will only pay for what works or for the marketing campaigns, emailing, banners, etc. That you can hire on the platform.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Contact us through your seller account. No period of stay is required to register.

How do I manage orders?

You can use the interface of our website to manage your orders, customers, incidence and invoicing in a comprehensive and simple

How will I receive the payment?

ebuyfarma puts the laboratior in contact with the buyer. It will be the laboratory that will determine with the buyer the form of collection since it does it directly, without intermediaries. If the buyer is a client of the laboratory, it is logical to do it in the usual way, in case of being a new customer, he must negotiate the conditions.

Ebuyfarma guarantees that all buyers are professionals in the industry and their data has been verified one by one. In the event that a buyer generates any serious incidents with any request from any laboratory, their case will be studied individually to evaluate the expulsion of the buyer from the platform. It is our guarantee of protection against fraud.

Is fraud protection offered?

Yes. The protection against payment fraud at Ebuyfarma prevents a professional buyer with collection incidents in the system from returning to buy from any laboratory. All cases will be analyzed individually to ensure the maximum that our portal is a safe area for sellers and buyers.

What is the Secure Purchase Guarantee program?

The Secure Purchase Guarantee is designed to handle situations in which a customer has not received a product or received a product that is substantially different from the one he ordered or expected. First, we ask customers to contact the seller when they have a problem. If the seller is unable to resolve the problem, the customer may file a Purchase Warranty Claim. Once receives the claim, we send an automatic e-mail to the seller with the details of the claim in which we request a response with basic information about the order and the management process. Then, will determine the resolution of the claim and must be assumed by both the seller and the buyer assuming the accounts are blocked in case of ignoring the recommendations applied.

Can customers leave valuations? Why are customer ratings important?

In fact, customers can leave valuations and opinions. Maintaining a positive assessment is a key factor to succeed at

   For buyers, this is the best way to tell if you are a seller worthy of their trust.
   Your valuation appears on the Sales Offer Page and is one of the first things customers see.
   Customers are more likely to buy products from sellers with the highest ratings.
   In addition, your valuation is a key value that uses to measure your performance.

Who can I talk to about Selling at Ebuyfarma?

If you are still not selling on and want more information, you can contact uscontact us r +34 902 099 822


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1Terms and conditions of the Promotion:

1. This promotion is only available for vendors who have not previously registered as Vendor on the web pages (“Ebuyfarma’s web page(s)”).

2. To qualify for the promotion, the vendor must carry out the registration process as a Vendor on Ebuyfarma’s web page(s) in which they are not yet registered as vendor while the promotion is valid.

3. If the vendor meets the requirements to obtain the promotion, Ebuyfarma will not charge the Vendor the sales plan subscription fee on the corresponding Ebuyfarma web page until reaching the minimum sale per specific product per contract without time limit.

4. If the vendor violates any term of the Ebuyfarma Profesional Farma S.L. Agreement at any time, the promotion and the campaign shall be immediately and unilaterally cancelled.

5. Ebuyfarma reserves the right to end such promotion by removing the promotional message from Ebuyfarma’s web pages. Ebuyfarma is not required to post a notice or notify the end of the promotion.