Ebuyfarma is the first marketplace among professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, which connects directly to main pharmaceutical laboratories with thousands of pharmacy offices. Using algorithms specially developed, ebuyfarma can satisfy the purchase needs of the pharmacy with great precision and efficiency. We connect the products of each laboratory with the real needs of each pharmacy, advising the pharmacist of the best offers of each product and category which can be acquired with a single click. Ebuyfarma contacts pharmacists and laboratories without intermediaries to manage the purchase of medicines, rest of products or services with the maximum discounts guaranteed.

 ebuyfarma conecta sus productos con las necesidades reales de miles de farmacias

The ebuyfarma project was born by leading companies in the fields of new technologies, distribution and manufacturing. Without cost, pharmacists will be able to access the largest portfolio of products with direct discounts of the main laboratories with exclusive advantages. The agility of the system and the commitment of the laboratories will also allow ebuyfarma to be a channel that supports the care of the environment by speeding up the distribution and sale of products at risk of expiration but with enough margins to be commercialized.

The current distribution channels do not allow in a global way to make specific direct purchases to different laboratories with an agile delivery and a competitive price. At ebuyFarma the laboratories have a digital platform where thousands of pharmacies will be able to see and acquire their products, offers and news. With direct purchases and without intermediaries applying the maximum direct discount to the pharmacies