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Thousands of pharmacies at a click: the revolution in pharmaceutical distribution comes hand in hand with the launch "ebuyfarma"

Thousands of pharmacies at a click: the revolution in pharmaceutical distribution comes hand in hand with the launch "ebuyfarma"

Surely, you've heard more than once the term "startup" and you're probably wondering why this trend is taking so much force?

Well, today's pharmacies, as emerging companies, have a strong working relationship with technology. It is a new business model, with innovative ideas, that excel in the market to be supported by the applied sciences. Precisely, a startup is a human organization, with a strong technological component related to the full development of a company in the internet world.

Therefore, the revolution in pharmaceutical distribution comes from the hand of the startup "EbuyFarma" an innovative project that is nourished by the management of Big Data from pharmacies offices, that through algorithms specially designed by ebuyFarma, the pharmacy can meet their real needs at the right time; making the multi-laboratory order of the products with the best offers on the market in a single click. In this way, pharmacies save the costs of intermediaries and distribution.

Taking into account that today's pharmacy must be highly innovative; it must have great capacity for change and assure as well that innovative products, services are fully customer oriented and required by the market.

Through ebuyFarma, pharmacy suppliers access thousands of pharmacy offices free of charge, with no maintenance or discharge fees, and transfer products, services offers and launches to the pharmacies just in the moment pharmacy need it; which improves the efficiency, quality and profitability of the operations due to the cost savings and processes that entails transferring directly to the pharmacy.

Benefits of pharmaceutical distribution through ebuyFarma:
- The pharmacy operates with minimal costs, obtaining profits that grow exponentially.
- Continuous and open communication with customers, oriented to the scaling up of sales.
- We have the support of an idea that seeks to simplify complicated processes and procedures, with the aim of having a user-friendly and simplified experience.
- Opportunity to innovate, develop technologies and have your own market place.
- Opportunity to work with large companies, leaders in the market.

As you can see, accessing to thousands of pharmacies in one click is already possible with ebuyfarma. The revolution in pharmaceutical distribution continues to grow unstoppably. In 2016 in 2017, the Spanish pharmaceutical distribution has continued to grow and grow stronger. However, to achieve sustainability, the key is to maintain the profitability of the companies. This is possible if you have the right technology and digitilize your pharmacy.
What are you waiting to be part of the change? Contact us without any commitment.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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