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The sales in pharmacy in the era of the Big Data

The sales in pharmacy in the era of the Big Data

The pharmaceutical sector is several steps back in terms of its suitability as a commercial channel with new technologies. The Internet, for example, is changing the way companies satisfy their customers, because traditional databases are not as efficient as handling large volumes of unstructured data such as those generated in big data projects. However, we are talking about a market with great online potential, not to mention that it can be decisive to improve the productivity of the pharmacy, better satisfy the needs of the clients and create innovations.

Through the Big Data, pharmacy offices can collect data of great value for their healthy development and maintenance. For example:

-The number of visits you receive on your website
-Learn to determine, through mathematical algorithms, the needs of patients.
-to know exactly the number of products you are counting on and when to place orders.
-Take advantage of the offers of the laboratories.

All this without the intervention of third parties. With all this data, the pharmacist's disposition will be able to increase its profits in an intelligent way.
Will the implementation of the Big Data reduce the role of people in pharmacies?

The implementation of the Big Data will make people's performance more efficient. Tasks that take a long time, like managing the stock of your pharmacy, can be reduced with the implementation of predictive algorithms that perform this hard work. In this way professionals can devote time to improve, for example, customer service.

As for the sale in the pharmacy, there is a big difference between selling offline (in a physical pharmacy) and an online pharmacy: The user places, compares and reports on a particular product or service in both physical and online pharmacies.

It is for this reason that it is necessary that the pharmacist combines both channels to obtain a more objective vision of the client and to greatly increase the possibilities of a conversion. Big Data can help pharmacies find opportunities, forecast trends and increase profitability, helping to meet demands through deep understanding of their customers.

When you take the big step of taking your pharmacy to the Internet you are opening a range of opportunities:
-Make branding
-Your customers will be able to interact and comment on a particular product. This is good, because both a negative opinion and a positive give weight and credibility to your online pharmacy, because you help to mark guidelines for other users who want to purchase a particular product. Especially, if the product is expensive the opinions of your customers and the amount of “stars” with which they qualify the product will have a positive effect on the conversion.
-Today a pharmacy opens its online store and can offer the same product that previously offered to 10 people, now you can see 1000 potential customers with many more facilities to pay. In addition, you can receive it at the door of your home, business, office, etc.

Today's user is informed before buying, so you need to take the step and join this Digital age to make the most of your pharmacy.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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