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Pharmacists as influencers in health

Pharmacists as influencers in health

The term influencer refers to an opinion leader for a particular group or on a specific topic. In social networks this term is very common, and influencers are considered those whose profiles in social networks have many followers and whose opinions or comments are relevant to the people who follow them.

Now, although the number of followers is in some way relevant to consider a person influencer, it should be noted that it is not always the most important, since after all, it is more important the true power of influence that has about the people that the number of followers.

That's where the role of health professionals comes in. Maybe the profile of your pharmacy in the different social networks doesn’t have millions of followers, but the fact of being managed by health professionals, makes it easier for the messages you share through them to have more influence than if someone else did it. Do not be a health professional.

The role of health professionals in social networks is important, as they can contribute favourably to spreading the importance of health, to have a closer relationship with the patient and to raise awareness about pathologies, among other actions.

The fields of action that a health professional can have as influencers are, for example, endorse content, campaigns or social actions and give greater credibility to events and activities related to health.

However, even if health professionals are more credible, it is not advisable to underestimate the role that other types of people may have, such as public and patient persons. These constitute a key factor to give impulse to certain health initiatives, such as: normalizing pathologies, demanding greater social attention towards a certain disease, guiding other patients in the control of their symptoms, etc.

Someone who has a lot of followers can help remarkably if they collaborate with patient associations, patient groups or support groups, among others. In this way they manage to give greater visibility to campaigns and projects, promote social days, be the visible and real part of a disease if they themselves have suffered it, spread news and news of interest...

As you have seen, both profiles of influencers can be useful in the dissemination and impact of health-related issues, even if health professionals are more truthful. That is why we encourage you to use social media to spread your knowledge about health. We are convinced that this creation of content by your pharmacy will be well valued by users and will help you to improve the brand image of it and a better positioning.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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