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Pharma Industry 4.0, the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector

Pharma Industry 4.0, the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmacy is changing. Pharma Industry 4.0. It is the new way in which we manage the pharmaceutical industry, combining online environment as offline.

This concept can be applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing problems to significantly increase productivity and quality, reducing risk and waste. In addition to improving real-time monitoring and traceability from the supply chain to the final consumer. Also, it seeks to automate complex processes of management and documentation, in order to make more efficient adaptation to the regulatory requirements of the sector.

what is Pharma Industry 4.0?
Alasdair Gilchrist, technology writer, describes Industry 4.0 as "The convergence of physical systems, people and data within an industrial process to increase quality, productivity, and, of course, profitability ".

Quality in Pharma Industry 4.0
Without a doubt, digital transformation affects all sectors, including the pharmacist. Unfortunately, not everyone is embarking on this new adventure; not everyone is taking about the advantage of the potential, integrating their pharmacy into this digital age. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products need to remain competitive in a complex growth market. Regulators each day are more interested in continuous and thorough product´s monitoring. Not once a year, more frequent revisions are sought in a year. That's exactly what Pharma 4.0 technology offers, continuous, real-time control of manufacturing processes.

What is the role that people play in Pharma Industry 4.0?
The available technology allows automating all kinds of physical processes of the pharmacy. Therefore, thanks to mathematical algorithms or the automation of logical processes, a pharmacy has a great capacity to monitor and measure its management in processes, for example, repetitive. So a professional would devote his time to less manual tasks. Instead, the pharmacist may be more dedicated to finding ways to meet customers ' needs.
Applying this concept requires fewer people in a 4.0 Pharma production line to perform highly qualified jobs. But it is not an individual person, but rather a team, as different skills are required for their start-up. It is necessary for its implementation to know the industry, the technologies; own the statistical analyses and their related programs and of course, analyse data to make decisions based on them.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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