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How can artificial intelligence and algorithmic management help your pharmacy?

How can artificial intelligence and algorithmic management help your pharmacy?

When we talk about artificial intelligence, our imagination flies and we think about all those science fiction movies that we have seen during weekends. However, it is not something fictitious, it is a tool that can catapult the success of your pharmacy.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) simulate superior functions of the brain or human intelligence, through a computer. It's something like trying to replace the human brain with a machine. However, in the case of Artificial Intelligence applied to health, this technology does not try to replace man, but rather tries to transform itself into a powerful tool that helps to optimize the

The pharmacy is becoming more assistance and people-centered. The possibilities that new technologies represent when it comes to providing much more personalized attention is changing the way things have been done. In the same way, it also allows pharmacy professionals to be more productive, and that they can concentrate their efforts on meeting the patient's needs, and not spend hours attending strenuous processes such as carrying out inventories and other procedures that could be easily resolved. through algorithms.

The great potential that Big Data has for pharmacy as a point of massive data collection for its use through artificial intelligence makes it easier to make decisions based on analysis of cause-effect relationships, through deductive reasoning, which can have interesting applications. For example, the efficient Stock management of your pharmacy

How could you make the most of this new technology?

Ebuyfarma, a computer tool that puts at your disposal the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, for example, helps you to efficiently manage the inventory of your pharmacy, at the same time you will be aware of the best offers, proposed by the laboratories, with only one click.

In addition, Ebuyfarma offers you the benefits of discovering the advantages in terms of efficiency and profitability, due to its sophisticated algorithms used in management.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in your pharmacy:
- Reduce costs and additional salaries.
- It is possible to generate more income.
- Develop applications that can perform complex tasks that take a long time to man.
- Predict short and long term situations in the stock of your pharmacy.
- Essential online tools for laboratories to see and activate their offers.
-for laboratories, allows them to connect with thousands of pharmacies in an instant and vice versa.
-The pharmacist can continue to play a more efficient care role by personalizing their services, evaluating and offering information to patients about their treatments.
-Instruments necessary to sell Online successfully.
- Daily efficient control in inventory management and purchases in all product categories.

As you can see, Ebuyfarma puts at your disposal of your pharmacy the algorithmic management and all the advantages offered by Artificial Intelligence. Contact us for additional information, without any commitment.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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