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Ecological products: an opportunity for pharmacies

Ecological products: an opportunity for pharmacies

Every day more importance is given to products of natural, ecological, biological and organic origin. Unlike products that come from conventional agriculture, organic foods are of higher quality, which gives them a better taste and are much more nutritious. They are also healthier since they reduce the intake of chemical agents and toxic metals such as lead or mercury. In the case of organic cosmetics, these products do not contain in their formulation silicones, parabens, mineral oils and many other chemical synthesis compounds.

This type of cosmetics sweeps away little by little in society and the figures of its consumption are growing exponentially in Europe. And for good reason, because their ingredients are no longer the chemicals created in laboratories that end up harming our body, they protect us much better, and it shows the difference. The benefits of these vegetable cosmetics are several. For starters, we can forget about chemical components, and artificial additives, do not contain synthetic flavors or artificial perfumes, also because of the affinity of their components with our skin tend to adore better adhesion, and its effects are less aggressive and softer than industrial cosmetics . Their formulas do not contain paraffins or petroleum products.

If it were not enough, these types of products are not tested on animals, and they move away from their mistreatment. The main ingredients of these products come from plants and vegetables and follow an ecological ethic that strives to preserve the environment.

In ebuyfarma you can find organic food and cosmetic products, corresponding to Laboratorios Almond. Under its different trademarks, Almond Laboratories opt for a high-quality organic diet by making 100% vegetable products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They also offer organic cosmetics products.

Both the Almond laboratory and its Naturgreen products have the certificate that accredits all their products are organic or BIO according to European regulations. This certificate has been granted by the competent body in the Murcia region CAERM (Control of Organic Farming Council of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia). All Naturgreen products marketed as BIO products carry the European logo that accredits it as such.

Undoubtedly, the consumption of organic products will continue to increase during the coming years. Offering products such as those from Laboratorios Almond, you can boost the segment of organic food and cosmetics within your parapharmacy and offer your customers a quality product with all the guarantees.

Take a look at the category "organic products" of ebuyfarma and do not miss this opportunity for your pharmacy.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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