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Do you want to improve your pharmacy's margin and take control of your business?

Do you want to improve your pharmacy's margin and take control of your business?

Over the years we have seen that the success of a pharmacy depends on good purchases management and excellent Stock control. You can easily see how healthy your pharmacy is when the indicators in your financial statements make you happy or saddened the day by knowing what you are investing in and if your efforts are being compensated.

If your earnings are zero, or even if you have losses, surely you have asked yourself: how can I improve the profit margin and take control of my pharmacy business?

As the owner of a pharmacy, you may have ever faced this question in your professional life. As a good manager of your business, you want to optimize your efforts in an environment that is so changeable that it is often difficult to handle the situation. To achieve control of your business you must have everything in order. Improvising is not an option: you must have everything coolly calculated.

Tips to improve the pharmacy margin and put your business under control:

As an entrepreneur you must have an excellent command of your profits and find your balance point. In addition to using strategies that allow you to monitor these numbers:

1. Implement a system that allows you to obtain an objective measurement.

2. Innovate, launch new sales techniques and update marketing tools that allow you to increase the profitability of your pharmacy. Mainly, know the computer program that allows you to get the most knowledge of inventory modules and purchasing management. Inventory control, unfortunately, is often done with non-intelligent tools, which waste time and money by requiring pharmaceutical professionals to devote all their time to making decisions.

3. Plan your purchases better, taking into account those situations / factors that will change your stock day by day.
At this point you need a platform that is able to control your stock automatically, in real time. It is not worth buying cheap if you do not manage your stock correctly. You need to instantly search for your products, be aware of the items that you have to move, those that are about to expire; register and manage the entrances and exits of medicines or other products of your para-pharmacy, both online and offline.

5. Consolidate the image of your brand and create a loyalty program.

6. If you want to improve, strengthen and take control of the management of your pharmacy consider the necessary automation - in these times, mandatory - of the processes through ebuyFarma.

ebuyFarma, through "Total Stock Management" can detect in real time the stock needs of all products included in the platform. In addition, through its "Inbound Marketing" tool, it sends the information of interest, customised to pharmacy profile, the quality marketing "OnetoOne B2B"

Can you imagine not having to invest in a tool until you know its profitability? ebuyFarma makes it easier than ever to manage your pharmacy. Take control of your pharmacy HAVING FREE HERE HERE.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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