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Do you use Big-Data and purchase algorithms at your pharmacy?

Do you use Big-Data and purchase algorithms at your pharmacy?

Controlling inventories at the pharmacy is often done with non-intelligent tools, which require a full-time dedication and constant decision-making from pharmaceutical professionals. This can cause big losses when mistakes are made in purchases and there is over-stock or when the product is not bought in time and there is a stock out situation.

This could be avoided if in the pharmacy´s supply chain, is considered all the planning processes, and by this way will be forecasted all events that will make your stock vary each day.
It is also difficult to monitor all the offers in the market and perform an efficient purchasing management, avoiding impulse purchases or forced, which often make margin loss in pharmacy management.

It is now possible to allocate the necessary resources to answer to these events, thanks to ebuyFarma.

With the use of intelligent tools applied to the management, you will achieve:
- Have an entry and exit record of products.
- Search instantly for your products.
- Get a fast and simple stock report.
- Improve attention to your customers.
- Improve and grow your pharmacy in the commercial field.
- Obtain a list of offers of those products that you will probably need and do not have in the store
- Manage all orders (online and offline)
- Control of offers, orders, invoicing or contacts with representatives.
- Anticipate seasonal and increment demand based in your historical and trend data
- Use big-data to improve the efficiency of your pharmacy management

Ebuyfarma is your integral multi-dealer system with exclusive offers.

Pharmacies have an enormous amount of data that is constantly generated "big data" and that it is necessary to store safely and according to the current legality.
To structure, segment, analyse and make decisions that can guide the pharmacist according to his management profile, a scientific way of managing his pharmacy; making decisions that are supported by algorithms that take into account their sales history and trends, as well as an infinity of data that will influence the purchase of the necessary products at the right time and at the best price to improve the margin and give the best service to the customers.

If you want to boost your pharmacy management, you must necessarily consider the automation process through ebuyFarma.
Automation facilitates control, reduces errors in general, and frees pharmacists from tasks that require exclusive dedication, so you can dedicate yourself to more relevant assignments like improving other processes and offering a better service.

What are you waiting for? ebuyFarma is totally free, and with the most competitive discounts that you will not find in any other official channel of direct purchase. It's time to belong to the first online platform for professionals in the pharmaceutical sector .. Registry for FREE HERE.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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