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Direct sale from multi-laboratory to pharmacy is already possible

Direct sale from multi-laboratory to pharmacy is already possible

Marketing is not simple issue; it requires synchronous, asynchronous, digital and physical actions. Clearly, we are talking about multi-channel and as you can see, it's not enough that your business is online and digital. That's just the beginning.

With the existence of digital platforms that allow to host the laboratory’s and supplier´s offers and launches available to pharmacy, the option is opened and pharmacies can buy directly from laboratories and suppliers, avoiding the middlemen and making a single direct order multi- laboratories, which will improve the efficiency of the channel by simplifying processes, while reducing costs and times.

In ebuyFarma this is already possible. Our consultants will support you throughout the process: we will give you free registry and we will upload to the platform the most competitive products of the brand.
ebuyFarma is a platform designed to facilitate the direct purchase and sale between pharmacies and laboratories / product suppliers.

We provide the necessary online tools so the laboratories can activate and sell their products through the platform, thanks to the thousands of pharmacies that receive daily offers through this platform; get the best discounts on prescription, services and parapharmacy products.

In summary, when belonging to this sales network, laboratories and suppliers acquire great benefits; among them: they can offer their best competitive products, achieving the loyalty of pharmacies by providing a direct service, quality and very low cost.

In addition, our platform contributes to the main welfare: improving the health of customers through this purchase and sale of products from the best pharmaceutical labs / suppliers.

Other benefits for the laboratory / pharmacy supplier. attention:
• You will connect with thousands of pharmacy offices that will see and want to buy your products, offers and new launches.
• Our sales techniques are designed to attract potential customers by offering relevant information of interest; through various media such as blogs, newsletters, videos, SEO, social networks ... Products will be offered to pharmacists when they need them through the digital platform (Inbound marketing).
• Direct selling without intermediaries. That translates into better quality of your services and of course, better commissions.
• ebuyFarma offers to the pharmaceutical sector a range of specialized, comprehensive, modern and transparent distribution services.
• Each pharmaceutical industry is unique. We do not copy a model or we replicate it, you deserve exclusive attention to satisfy your needs. We help you to boost your brand.

At ebuyFarma we have clear ideas: if you win, we win.

If you want to contact us, do it without commitment HERE. We will be happy to advise you and solve all your doubts!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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