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Digitizing pharmacies: Are we on the right track?

Digitizing pharmacies: Are we on the right track?

Digitalization or digital transformation of pharmacies is something that is already happening and, although this sector is lagging behind, it will soon accelerate its pace so as not to lose its position. 

In 2016 only 1.4% of pharmacies in Spain were homologated for the sale of APS (advertising pharmaceutical specialties), but only 22% had a website.

This makes us think, are the customers of the pharmacies really buying in online pharmacies? Is there a demand? Aware that the clientele is very variable, and that a user is more advanced than another in the communication and information technologies, I would say yes. It's worth it, as a Web page is not positioned overnight, it takes time. It is better to start now and work on it because, whether we want it or not, this is the future of pharmacies. Although we must take into account that, within the normative framework, only the online sale of non-prescription drugs and para-pharmacy products is allowed.

On the other hand, thanks to the data collected from the customer, Big data offers a unique competitive advantage. This "massive” information allows pharmacies and supliers to improve services and products by studying the behavior of customers online by data mining. That is to say, it allows to discover patterns in large volumes of data sets, suporting the decisions making.

What does the client demand from a pharmacy?

The client of an online pharmacy demands trust, attention, closeness and help in the solution of their problems. Exactly the same thing you've always demanded of your pharmacist and your team.

However, do not forget that the multi-channels support customers, because they can choose the way they want to use to get what they want in the pharmacy, either move to the physical pharmacy or buy online.

In addition, the pharmacy digitization is supporting bi-directional empowerment, both for the client and for the pharmacy. All thanks to the intensive use of new technologies together with an obvious change of mind-set. Of course, this does not take into account the great benefits obtained by pharmacies with laboratories, who offer their products without intermediaries. This translates to better offers for your customers, as long as you use the right Market Place.

It sounds great, but can a customer be loyal online?

Absolutely, regardless of the channel you choose your client to interact with, you should provide the best pharmaceutical care possible. That's the key to getting your customers ' loyalty.

On the other hand, pharmacists should pay attention to legislative developments, but in what the legal framework changes, online pharmacies can follow several online techniques that can help them to make their brand known, such as webinars or online workshops on the use of their Products of para-pharmacy, as well as the generation of contents management. This is why the pharmacy should have a blog where they can provide relevant information about Para-pharmacy products or alternative remedies, as well as make available to their customers online hair, skin and nail care products as well as curiosities and Pharmaceutical News. The content is the king, don't forget it.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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