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BigData revolutionizes Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

BigData revolutionizes Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

For the pharmaceutical industry to place a drug on the market, it must go through a series of processes which we can explain and summarize as Market Access. This series of processes involves the optimization of the processes and the contact with the different decision-making agents in the external framework, such as regional governments, regulatory agencies, among others; and within the company coordinating the efforts with the majority of the regulatory departments: general management, medical affairs, marketing and sales.

This is where BigData has revolutionized Market Access in the health sector, since knowing how to manage information that is the crucial factor that has determined the success or failure of any enterprise. Today we are able to collect millions of data that previously was impossible to collect, because thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques and mathematical algorithms we open a new and safer way to access pharmacy products through regionals health systems, where the parameters of quality are becoming stricter due to our ability to interpret the information of the clinical histories obtained through digitalized support systems that support decision making.

The key, to know how to manage change

Little by little man has been improving and implementing systems that now, looking back, seem rudimentary, but with the passage of time they become more sophisticated and directly impact all sectors, including the Health Sector. Now the question is to know how to face the change, because this will only be achieved if we can be able to analyze that large volume of existing data in health centers and translate them into results both in terms of health and costs; as well as entering into alliances and regulations that allow the maximum use of available resources, which grow at an exponential rate.

Advantages offered by Big Data in Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

- With Big Data it is possible to analyze health needs in order to develop strategies related to the company priorities.

- Create a scientific database on medicines. The medical information that is obtained is increasing. It is estimated that by 2020, medical knowledge will increase 200 times, since every 5 years it doubles. This is more than a doctor can handle or absorb. Likewise, large companies such as Bayer, Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, among others are using the advantages of Big Data to develop their drugs and make therapeutic innovations necessary to improve health outcomes, while at the same time reducing healthcare costs.

- Justify the introduction of therapeutic innovations that improve health outcomes and significantly reduce costs in this area by demonstrating with a database the need and value of these products for the health system. This is something that goes beyond clinical trials.

As you can see, advances in information technology benefit patients, who improve their quality of life, when we offer a better quality of care in our health system.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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