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Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

Surely you have read the mentions on Artificial Intelligence in books, magazines and movies. The first thing that has to call your attention is the surprising pace at which it grows. It is expected that by 2018 the number of companies that will have incorporated Artificial Intelligence in their processes will grow between 38% and 62%. In fact, in mobile applications, the consulting firm IDC estimates that by 2020 the Artificial Intelligence market will have a value of about $ 47,000 million worldwide.

Actually the term 'Artificial Intelligence' or “AI”, although it sounds futuristic, deals with analytics and data, as a basic part of its functioning. The extensive database obtained through Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to generate predictions and make incredible decisions that can help correct business strategies based on analysis of cause-effect relationships

What does this mean?
It means that times change, as well as changing the way people buy or seek information about a product of their interest.

Artificial Intelligence in pharmacies and laboratories:

These changes and improvements in technology also affect pharmacies and laboratories, which are forced to offer more efficient assistance and more focused on the patient´s needs
Everything evolves over the years. Following a deductive reasoning, for example, it is possible to optimize the stock management of a pharmacy, placing orders when they are really needed.

Likewise, chat bots, artificial conversational intelligence, improve the social and emotional connection between clients and brands, increasing productivity by anticipating their needs at all times; facilitating decision making. This is an important point, because pharmacies must understand the difference between decisions and predictions, which generates an interesting relationship between technology and implementation in the field of systems analytics.

The pharmaceutical sector is part of the data revolution, since it offers a great benefit for the implementation of strategic patterns for pharmacies and health services. This is due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence helps users to improve the management of their query, enhancing the relationship between the client and the pharmacy, making the response capacity more efficient.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence applied to the service of online pharmacies and laboratories has made it possible for the user to achieve better discounts, by quickly determining which online store offers you the best price. This is good, because it allows a better management of information, which is possible to obtain instantly, increasing competition among companies. This means that pharmacies and laboratories that are not part of the innovation, will be left behind, as technology is changing the way in which the consumer relates to purchases.

It is expected that Artificial Intelligence will gain much more weight and will have a greater presence in apps and services, which have already been incorporated, but will grow even more.

Are you already part of the change? If you need assistance to implement Artificial Intelligence to your pharmacy or laboratory, contact us without obligation.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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