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Pharmaceutical digitization: an opportunity for the pharmacy

Pharmacies continue to make progress towards digitalization, both in their relations with the patient and internal management. In an increasingly competitive market, where you can play with prices, promotions, packs, etc ... it's time to break into the online medium and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. It is important to point out that the digitalization in the pharmacy should not be considered a difficulty, but an opportunity.

The first thing that the digitalization of the pharmacy brings is recognition. Pharmacies already operate in the online framework and design their own marketing plans with the aim of creating a name and reputation on the Internet. In addition, it is increasingly common to see the presence of pharmaceutical companies in the main social networks. In the same way, pharmacies share with their followers the latest promotions, their schedules and guards, the promotions of their online store...

The digitalization not only increases your sales, but also allows a greater knowledge of the customers and the competition. Through digitization we can easily know customer data such as age, gender, geographical area and interests, which can be a competitive advantage. It is also useful to study and know the competition, because we can know the promotions they offer, their policy of shipments and returns, products and services offered...

As you see, the incorporation of the technology into the pharmaceutical framework supposes great advantages both for pharmacies and for suppliers to pharmacies (laboratories, suppliers, etc.). In the same way, we must not forget that bringing these technological solutions to the digital world increases access to patients and, of course, improves our quality of life and that of our patients.

Our online platform, ebuyfarma, puts at your disposal the necessary tools to sell online successfully in a simple direct and secure way. In addition, it is an opportunity for pharmacies to purchase products at a lower price, and can improve their profit margin.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about it.

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The keys to the digitalization of the pharmaceutical sector

The keys to the digitalization of the pharmaceutical sector

During these last years, the digitalization has been an unstoppable phenomenon at all levels. Consumers are increasingly connected and want to use the new channels to communicate with brands. Digital transformation has ceased to be an option to become a necessity, even for companies belonging to the pharmaceutical sector.

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most reluctant to new technologies, as it is subject to strict legislation. When dealing with such a sensitive issue as people's health, pharmaceutical companies tend to be especially cautious when it comes to implementing innovations and "experiments". But as the online is integrated into the lives of people, we see that digital transformation has much to contribute to the world of health.

Some keys to the success of the digital transformation are the following:

Simplicity. The tools must be intuitive and with functionalities adapted to the interest and behaviour of the clients.
Personalization. It should be possible to capture more data and enrich it with internal and external sources, in order to generate experiences based on all these data and needs.
Intelligence. The users demand that the companies know them and anticipate their needs. This is possible thanks to data analysis and a digital architecture with components that suggest action proposals and allow decision making in real time.
Attractive design. This is achieved through good design within an interactive environment with new digital services focused on the user.
Innovation. It is advisable to be aware of new products and services that are more focused on the needs of customers and consumers.

However, digitization is not an exclusive process for the consumer. Another way to digitize your company is by innovating and using the technology available within the company itself, for example in the purchase and sale channels. An example of this would be to access ebuyfarma, the first marketplace among professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, which connects directly to the main pharmaceutical laboratories with thousands of pharmacy offices. One more opportunity to digitize your pharmacy, without risks or initial costs.

Register if you haven’t done it alread and start enjoying all its advantages.

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Ecological products: an opportunity for pharmacies

Ecological products: an opportunity for pharmacies

Every day more importance is given to products of natural, ecological, biological and organic origin. Unlike products that come from conventional agriculture, organic foods are of higher quality, which gives them a better taste and are much more nutritious. They are also healthier since they reduce the intake of chemical agents and toxic metals such as lead or mercury. In the case of organic cosmetics, these products do not contain in their formulation silicones, parabens, mineral oils and many other chemical synthesis compounds.

This type of cosmetics sweeps away little by little in society and the figures of its consumption are growing exponentially in Europe. And for good reason, because their ingredients are no longer the chemicals created in laboratories that end up harming our body, they protect us much better, and it shows the difference. The benefits of these vegetable cosmetics are several. For starters, we can forget about chemical components, and artificial additives, do not contain synthetic flavors or artificial perfumes, also because of the affinity of their components with our skin tend to adore better adhesion, and its effects are less aggressive and softer than industrial cosmetics . Their formulas do not contain paraffins or petroleum products.

If it were not enough, these types of products are not tested on animals, and they move away from their mistreatment. The main ingredients of these products come from plants and vegetables and follow an ecological ethic that strives to preserve the environment.

In ebuyfarma you can find organic food and cosmetic products, corresponding to Laboratorios Almond. Under its different trademarks, Almond Laboratories opt for a high-quality organic diet by making 100% vegetable products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They also offer organic cosmetics products.

Both the Almond laboratory and its Naturgreen products have the certificate that accredits all their products are organic or BIO according to European regulations. This certificate has been granted by the competent body in the Murcia region CAERM (Control of Organic Farming Council of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia). All Naturgreen products marketed as BIO products carry the European logo that accredits it as such.

Undoubtedly, the consumption of organic products will continue to increase during the coming years. Offering products such as those from Laboratorios Almond, you can boost the segment of organic food and cosmetics within your parapharmacy and offer your customers a quality product with all the guarantees.

Take a look at the category "organic products" of ebuyfarma and do not miss this opportunity for your pharmacy.

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Pharmacists as influencers in health

Pharmacists as influencers in health

The term influencer refers to an opinion leader for a particular group or on a specific topic. In social networks this term is very common, and influencers are considered those whose profiles in social networks have many followers and whose opinions or comments are relevant to the people who follow them.

Now, although the number of followers is in some way relevant to consider a person influencer, it should be noted that it is not always the most important, since after all, it is more important the true power of influence that has about the people that the number of followers.

That's where the role of health professionals comes in. Maybe the profile of your pharmacy in the different social networks doesn’t have millions of followers, but the fact of being managed by health professionals, makes it easier for the messages you share through them to have more influence than if someone else did it. Do not be a health professional.

The role of health professionals in social networks is important, as they can contribute favourably to spreading the importance of health, to have a closer relationship with the patient and to raise awareness about pathologies, among other actions.

The fields of action that a health professional can have as influencers are, for example, endorse content, campaigns or social actions and give greater credibility to events and activities related to health.

However, even if health professionals are more credible, it is not advisable to underestimate the role that other types of people may have, such as public and patient persons. These constitute a key factor to give impulse to certain health initiatives, such as: normalizing pathologies, demanding greater social attention towards a certain disease, guiding other patients in the control of their symptoms, etc.

Someone who has a lot of followers can help remarkably if they collaborate with patient associations, patient groups or support groups, among others. In this way they manage to give greater visibility to campaigns and projects, promote social days, be the visible and real part of a disease if they themselves have suffered it, spread news and news of interest...

As you have seen, both profiles of influencers can be useful in the dissemination and impact of health-related issues, even if health professionals are more truthful. That is why we encourage you to use social media to spread your knowledge about health. We are convinced that this creation of content by your pharmacy will be well valued by users and will help you to improve the brand image of it and a better positioning.

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Digitizing pharmacies: Are we on the right track?

Digitizing pharmacies: Are we on the right track?

Digitalization or digital transformation of pharmacies is something that is already happening and, although this sector is lagging behind, it will soon accelerate its pace so as not to lose its position. 

In 2016 only 1.4% of pharmacies in Spain were homologated for the sale of APS (advertising pharmaceutical specialties), but only 22% had a website.

This makes us think, are the customers of the pharmacies really buying in online pharmacies? Is there a demand? Aware that the clientele is very variable, and that a user is more advanced than another in the communication and information technologies, I would say yes. It's worth it, as a Web page is not positioned overnight, it takes time. It is better to start now and work on it because, whether we want it or not, this is the future of pharmacies. Although we must take into account that, within the normative framework, only the online sale of non-prescription drugs and para-pharmacy products is allowed.

On the other hand, thanks to the data collected from the customer, Big data offers a unique competitive advantage. This "massive” information allows pharmacies and supliers to improve services and products by studying the behavior of customers online by data mining. That is to say, it allows to discover patterns in large volumes of data sets, suporting the decisions making.

What does the client demand from a pharmacy?

The client of an online pharmacy demands trust, attention, closeness and help in the solution of their problems. Exactly the same thing you've always demanded of your pharmacist and your team.

However, do not forget that the multi-channels support customers, because they can choose the way they want to use to get what they want in the pharmacy, either move to the physical pharmacy or buy online.

In addition, the pharmacy digitization is supporting bi-directional empowerment, both for the client and for the pharmacy. All thanks to the intensive use of new technologies together with an obvious change of mind-set. Of course, this does not take into account the great benefits obtained by pharmacies with laboratories, who offer their products without intermediaries. This translates to better offers for your customers, as long as you use the right Market Place.

It sounds great, but can a customer be loyal online?

Absolutely, regardless of the channel you choose your client to interact with, you should provide the best pharmaceutical care possible. That's the key to getting your customers ' loyalty.

On the other hand, pharmacists should pay attention to legislative developments, but in what the legal framework changes, online pharmacies can follow several online techniques that can help them to make their brand known, such as webinars or online workshops on the use of their Products of para-pharmacy, as well as the generation of contents management. This is why the pharmacy should have a blog where they can provide relevant information about Para-pharmacy products or alternative remedies, as well as make available to their customers online hair, skin and nail care products as well as curiosities and Pharmaceutical News. The content is the king, don't forget it.

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Ebuyfarma, present at Infarma 2018

Ebuyfarma, present at Infarma 2018

The principles are never easy and more when it comes to promote a company like Ebuyfarma, the first exclusive digital marketplace for pharmaceutical professionals. That is why we decided to attend the last days 13, 14 and 15 to Infarma, the European Meeting of Pharmacy par excellence, which is held annually in Spain.

During those days we were reporting and introducing ebuyfarma to thousands of pharmacists who passed through our stand delighted with the idea of being able to buy products for their pharmacies directly to the laboratory at very competitive prices. We also met new laboratories interested in offering their products in this marketplace.


ebuyfarma infarma


We are convinced that this year will be a great year, a year in which the transformation begins in the way in which pharmacies acquire their products and the laboratories offer them, and we hope that you will be part of this.

Therefore, if you are a pharmacist and want to access the first digital marketplace in the pharmaceutical sector you can do it from here. If on the contrary you are a laboratory and you want to access thousands of clients of our marketplace, you can register as a seller here.

Thanks to all of you who have gone through our stand during these three days of fair to inform you about Ebuyfarma. We hope to have fulfilled your expectations.

See you soon!

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BigData revolutionizes Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

BigData revolutionizes Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

For the pharmaceutical industry to place a drug on the market, it must go through a series of processes which we can explain and summarize as Market Access. This series of processes involves the optimization of the processes and the contact with the different decision-making agents in the external framework, such as regional governments, regulatory agencies, among others; and within the company coordinating the efforts with the majority of the regulatory departments: general management, medical affairs, marketing and sales.

This is where BigData has revolutionized Market Access in the health sector, since knowing how to manage information that is the crucial factor that has determined the success or failure of any enterprise. Today we are able to collect millions of data that previously was impossible to collect, because thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques and mathematical algorithms we open a new and safer way to access pharmacy products through regionals health systems, where the parameters of quality are becoming stricter due to our ability to interpret the information of the clinical histories obtained through digitalized support systems that support decision making.

The key, to know how to manage change

Little by little man has been improving and implementing systems that now, looking back, seem rudimentary, but with the passage of time they become more sophisticated and directly impact all sectors, including the Health Sector. Now the question is to know how to face the change, because this will only be achieved if we can be able to analyze that large volume of existing data in health centers and translate them into results both in terms of health and costs; as well as entering into alliances and regulations that allow the maximum use of available resources, which grow at an exponential rate.

Advantages offered by Big Data in Market Access in the pharmaceutical sector

- With Big Data it is possible to analyze health needs in order to develop strategies related to the company priorities.

- Create a scientific database on medicines. The medical information that is obtained is increasing. It is estimated that by 2020, medical knowledge will increase 200 times, since every 5 years it doubles. This is more than a doctor can handle or absorb. Likewise, large companies such as Bayer, Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, among others are using the advantages of Big Data to develop their drugs and make therapeutic innovations necessary to improve health outcomes, while at the same time reducing healthcare costs.

- Justify the introduction of therapeutic innovations that improve health outcomes and significantly reduce costs in this area by demonstrating with a database the need and value of these products for the health system. This is something that goes beyond clinical trials.

As you can see, advances in information technology benefit patients, who improve their quality of life, when we offer a better quality of care in our health system.

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Pharma Industry 4.0, the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector

Pharma Industry 4.0, the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmacy is changing. Pharma Industry 4.0. It is the new way in which we manage the pharmaceutical industry, combining online environment as offline.

This concept can be applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing problems to significantly increase productivity and quality, reducing risk and waste. In addition to improving real-time monitoring and traceability from the supply chain to the final consumer. Also, it seeks to automate complex processes of management and documentation, in order to make more efficient adaptation to the regulatory requirements of the sector.

what is Pharma Industry 4.0?
Alasdair Gilchrist, technology writer, describes Industry 4.0 as "The convergence of physical systems, people and data within an industrial process to increase quality, productivity, and, of course, profitability ".

Quality in Pharma Industry 4.0
Without a doubt, digital transformation affects all sectors, including the pharmacist. Unfortunately, not everyone is embarking on this new adventure; not everyone is taking about the advantage of the potential, integrating their pharmacy into this digital age. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products need to remain competitive in a complex growth market. Regulators each day are more interested in continuous and thorough product´s monitoring. Not once a year, more frequent revisions are sought in a year. That's exactly what Pharma 4.0 technology offers, continuous, real-time control of manufacturing processes.

What is the role that people play in Pharma Industry 4.0?
The available technology allows automating all kinds of physical processes of the pharmacy. Therefore, thanks to mathematical algorithms or the automation of logical processes, a pharmacy has a great capacity to monitor and measure its management in processes, for example, repetitive. So a professional would devote his time to less manual tasks. Instead, the pharmacist may be more dedicated to finding ways to meet customers ' needs.
Applying this concept requires fewer people in a 4.0 Pharma production line to perform highly qualified jobs. But it is not an individual person, but rather a team, as different skills are required for their start-up. It is necessary for its implementation to know the industry, the technologies; own the statistical analyses and their related programs and of course, analyse data to make decisions based on them.

I invite you to become part of EbuyFarma. More information here.

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The sales in pharmacy in the era of the Big Data

The sales in pharmacy in the era of the Big Data

The pharmaceutical sector is several steps back in terms of its suitability as a commercial channel with new technologies. The Internet, for example, is changing the way companies satisfy their customers, because traditional databases are not as efficient as handling large volumes of unstructured data such as those generated in big data projects. However, we are talking about a market with great online potential, not to mention that it can be decisive to improve the productivity of the pharmacy, better satisfy the needs of the clients and create innovations.

Through the Big Data, pharmacy offices can collect data of great value for their healthy development and maintenance. For example:

-The number of visits you receive on your website
-Learn to determine, through mathematical algorithms, the needs of patients.
-to know exactly the number of products you are counting on and when to place orders.
-Take advantage of the offers of the laboratories.

All this without the intervention of third parties. With all this data, the pharmacist's disposition will be able to increase its profits in an intelligent way.
Will the implementation of the Big Data reduce the role of people in pharmacies?

The implementation of the Big Data will make people's performance more efficient. Tasks that take a long time, like managing the stock of your pharmacy, can be reduced with the implementation of predictive algorithms that perform this hard work. In this way professionals can devote time to improve, for example, customer service.

As for the sale in the pharmacy, there is a big difference between selling offline (in a physical pharmacy) and an online pharmacy: The user places, compares and reports on a particular product or service in both physical and online pharmacies.

It is for this reason that it is necessary that the pharmacist combines both channels to obtain a more objective vision of the client and to greatly increase the possibilities of a conversion. Big Data can help pharmacies find opportunities, forecast trends and increase profitability, helping to meet demands through deep understanding of their customers.

When you take the big step of taking your pharmacy to the Internet you are opening a range of opportunities:
-Make branding
-Your customers will be able to interact and comment on a particular product. This is good, because both a negative opinion and a positive give weight and credibility to your online pharmacy, because you help to mark guidelines for other users who want to purchase a particular product. Especially, if the product is expensive the opinions of your customers and the amount of “stars” with which they qualify the product will have a positive effect on the conversion.
-Today a pharmacy opens its online store and can offer the same product that previously offered to 10 people, now you can see 1000 potential customers with many more facilities to pay. In addition, you can receive it at the door of your home, business, office, etc.

Today's user is informed before buying, so you need to take the step and join this Digital age to make the most of your pharmacy.

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21st century pharmacy bets on technology

21st century pharmacy bets on technology

New technologies are a new way of doing pharmacy. These have accepted the challenge that involves competing and excel in this 21st century, forcing to improve their performance in aspects such as logistics of their warehouses, cosmetics own brands, agreements with laboratories and the management of information on a large scale, as it is the case of the Big Data and the mathematical predictive algorithms. The modern pharmacy has to respond to the demands of a more demanding society. This has made me opt for the integration of a multidisciplinary team that helps to perform better care work.

The pharmacy of the 21st century not only requires another type of management, but also has to take into account other factors, especially the human one. Currently in Spain, 16% of the population exceeds 65 years, is estimated at 2050 this figure increases to 36%.

What is expected from the pharmacy in the 21st century?

Today's pharmacies must promote the responsible use of pharmacy products, as they are seen as a source of truthful information for patients.

Also, to manage important data thanks to the big data, with which one can predict and to glimpse the possibilities that the human mind escapes. The Big Data is a tool to convert the information of your customers into sales, because it allows improving the quality of the service through the information obtained when surfing the Internet through computers, smartphones or tablets. It is estimated that for 2020 more than 25 billion devices will be generating information conducive to the development and maintenance of a competitive pharmacy.

Intelligent Technology Management guarantees your pharmacy's failure or success.

In this century customers decide to enter in a pharmacy and not in other thanks to marketing strategies, a tool that is not advertising, but makes it possible for your customers to be the preferred.
Today's pharmacist must think that the customer should return and not concentrate their efforts on making sales. If you want to write a success story in your pharmacy, you have to better serve your clients and that only makes it by taking advantage of the new technologies that this 21st century offers.

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The digital pharmacy is here

The digital pharmacy is here

In 2016, only 22% of pharmacies had a website. With the digitalization of pharmacies, in addition to offering relevant and educational content, it also offers better information about products, promotions and offers.

A website of a pharmacy office is sorted by categories and brands. Through an extensive portfolio of OTC, sanitary, health and beauty, the client can quickly find their products in an easy, safe and attractive way.

Now pharmacies have a wider field to communicate various health recommendations, depending on the season of the year. For example: now a digital pharmacy can provide quality and accurate information on health advice and the correct use of the products; as well as can offer advice on hair care, skin and pharmaceutical curiosities.

That is, the clear objective: to improve the relationship with the customer while facilitating the purchase process. With this you are giving added value to your client because, in addition to buying, you also take free advice accredited by a pharmaceutical professional.

The digital transformation is enabling bidirectional empowerment, in which both the pharmacy and the client have better communication. All thanks to the use of new technologies and the change of mentality necessary to advance in an increasingly digital society.

The digital presence of pharmacies is gaining strength, although not all meet basic SEO requirements to obtain a better competitive advantage. Every six of ten pharmacies that have a website, are not indexed in Google and have a poor performance in terms of efficient communication with laboratories. Losing offers and advantageous promotions that could have with the use of a website developed by professionals to facilitate all the work with just one click.

What is also very important is to control sales; that is, you have to keep good inventory control.

The changes in the digital sector are constant and require continuous training by professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, in order to be able to adapt to all the innovations that arise.

How can you adapt your pharmacy to the digital needs of your healthcare clients?

It is necessary to get a Pharmacy 3.0 adapted to the needs of today's patients and to be aware of the new digital trends in pharmacy. If you need more information about it, contact us without obligation. The digital pharmacy is here.

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Thousands of pharmacies in Spain already manage their purchases and inventories aided by Predictive Algorithms

Thousands of pharmacies in Spain already manage their purchases and inventories aided by Predictive Algorithms

Some companies use applications that can run predictive analytics to pursue their marketing and sales objectives. Predictive algorithms can help your company create marketing campaigns, sales or professional services, to give some examples. These tools also allow you to have control over how you perform optimization. Definitely, they are a requirement in the company to position and focus your efforts successfully using mathematical models.

How does predictive analytics work?

Predictive analysis is the process in which information analysis is used to make predictions based on the data. This process is done together with analytical, statistical and machine learning techniques in order to create a predictive model or a quantitative prediction to predict future events effectively. Predictive analysis starts with a commercial objective: use the data to save time, control inventories, monitor purchases or reduce costs.

Pharmaceutical management of purchases and inventories aided by predictive algorithms

Surely, something common among thousands of pharmacies is the incessant concern regarding the stock, and we know that it is essential to have a sufficient assortment to meet the demand of our customers, but at the same time it should not be excessive to avoid losing profitability on him. Everything is complicated when the control of the inventory in the pharmacy is carried out with non-intelligent tools, which demand exclusive dedication from pharmaceutical professionals, making decision is turning even more difficult. This can cause large losses when mistakes are made in the purchases and there is over-stock or when the product is not purchased in time and a stock rupture is originated.
Likewise, it is quite difficult to control all market offers and make an efficient purchase management. That is the reason why we end up buying on impulse or in a forced way, which often makes us lose a good profit margin.

How can we achieve better purchasing and inventory management? Where is the key to efficient management?

The answer is simple; we can improve the efficiency of both processes through the use of predictive algorithms that will save you time, effort and money. These technical initiatives could optimize your inventory management, if you consider each planning process and predict those events that will change your stock day after day. In short, the measurement must be constant, since what may be sufficient in one month may not be the next; because the client is no longer interested in your products or otherwise, the demand increases.

This is the reason why thousands of pharmacies in the world are already making use of predictive algorithms. Understand that optimizing purchases does not mean that you are going to bet on the lowest price. Other factors must predominate, such as selection criteria of the ideal provider, taking into account payment or delivery deadlines, etc. Although this does not depend only on the pharmacy, it is necessary to take into account the logistics (delays, deliveries, product changes), product range, etc.

Now it is possible to assign these precise resources to respond to the aforementioned factors thanks to ebuyFarma.

With the use of intelligent tools applied to administration, such as predictive algorithms, you will achieve:
- Have an updated/real report of your stock on hand.
- Improve customer service.
- Strengthen your brand.
- Instantly search your products.
- Get a list of offers of those products that you will need in a predictable way and do not have in the warehouse.
- Manage in an integral way each and every one of the orders (online and offline).
- Keep a register of entry and exit of drugs and other pharmaceutical products.
- Advance seasonal demand and demand increases based on your historical data.
- Control of offers, orders, billing or keep a list of your contacts with delegates.

ebuyFarma puts at your disposal predictive algorithms that can take your pharmacy or laboratory to the next level. Do not wait any longer, get REGISTRY FOR FREE.

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Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

Surely you have read the mentions on Artificial Intelligence in books, magazines and movies. The first thing that has to call your attention is the surprising pace at which it grows. It is expected that by 2018 the number of companies that will have incorporated Artificial Intelligence in their processes will grow between 38% and 62%. In fact, in mobile applications, the consulting firm IDC estimates that by 2020 the Artificial Intelligence market will have a value of about $ 47,000 million worldwide.

Actually the term 'Artificial Intelligence' or “AI”, although it sounds futuristic, deals with analytics and data, as a basic part of its functioning. The extensive database obtained through Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to generate predictions and make incredible decisions that can help correct business strategies based on analysis of cause-effect relationships

What does this mean?
It means that times change, as well as changing the way people buy or seek information about a product of their interest.

Artificial Intelligence in pharmacies and laboratories:

These changes and improvements in technology also affect pharmacies and laboratories, which are forced to offer more efficient assistance and more focused on the patient´s needs
Everything evolves over the years. Following a deductive reasoning, for example, it is possible to optimize the stock management of a pharmacy, placing orders when they are really needed.

Likewise, chat bots, artificial conversational intelligence, improve the social and emotional connection between clients and brands, increasing productivity by anticipating their needs at all times; facilitating decision making. This is an important point, because pharmacies must understand the difference between decisions and predictions, which generates an interesting relationship between technology and implementation in the field of systems analytics.

The pharmaceutical sector is part of the data revolution, since it offers a great benefit for the implementation of strategic patterns for pharmacies and health services. This is due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence helps users to improve the management of their query, enhancing the relationship between the client and the pharmacy, making the response capacity more efficient.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence applied to the service of online pharmacies and laboratories has made it possible for the user to achieve better discounts, by quickly determining which online store offers you the best price. This is good, because it allows a better management of information, which is possible to obtain instantly, increasing competition among companies. This means that pharmacies and laboratories that are not part of the innovation, will be left behind, as technology is changing the way in which the consumer relates to purchases.

It is expected that Artificial Intelligence will gain much more weight and will have a greater presence in apps and services, which have already been incorporated, but will grow even more.

Are you already part of the change? If you need assistance to implement Artificial Intelligence to your pharmacy or laboratory, contact us without obligation.

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How can artificial intelligence and algorithmic management help your pharmacy?

How can artificial intelligence and algorithmic management help your pharmacy?

When we talk about artificial intelligence, our imagination flies and we think about all those science fiction movies that we have seen during weekends. However, it is not something fictitious, it is a tool that can catapult the success of your pharmacy.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) simulate superior functions of the brain or human intelligence, through a computer. It's something like trying to replace the human brain with a machine. However, in the case of Artificial Intelligence applied to health, this technology does not try to replace man, but rather tries to transform itself into a powerful tool that helps to optimize the

The pharmacy is becoming more assistance and people-centered. The possibilities that new technologies represent when it comes to providing much more personalized attention is changing the way things have been done. In the same way, it also allows pharmacy professionals to be more productive, and that they can concentrate their efforts on meeting the patient's needs, and not spend hours attending strenuous processes such as carrying out inventories and other procedures that could be easily resolved. through algorithms.

The great potential that Big Data has for pharmacy as a point of massive data collection for its use through artificial intelligence makes it easier to make decisions based on analysis of cause-effect relationships, through deductive reasoning, which can have interesting applications. For example, the efficient Stock management of your pharmacy

How could you make the most of this new technology?

Ebuyfarma, a computer tool that puts at your disposal the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, for example, helps you to efficiently manage the inventory of your pharmacy, at the same time you will be aware of the best offers, proposed by the laboratories, with only one click.

In addition, Ebuyfarma offers you the benefits of discovering the advantages in terms of efficiency and profitability, due to its sophisticated algorithms used in management.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in your pharmacy:
- Reduce costs and additional salaries.
- It is possible to generate more income.
- Develop applications that can perform complex tasks that take a long time to man.
- Predict short and long term situations in the stock of your pharmacy.
- Essential online tools for laboratories to see and activate their offers.
-for laboratories, allows them to connect with thousands of pharmacies in an instant and vice versa.
-The pharmacist can continue to play a more efficient care role by personalizing their services, evaluating and offering information to patients about their treatments.
-Instruments necessary to sell Online successfully.
- Daily efficient control in inventory management and purchases in all product categories.

As you can see, Ebuyfarma puts at your disposal of your pharmacy the algorithmic management and all the advantages offered by Artificial Intelligence. Contact us for additional information, without any commitment.

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Big Data, the value of data in the pharmaceutical sector

Big Data, the value of data in the pharmaceutical sector

Big Data is a tool that could help to improve your business, but its efficiency depends on its being applied properly. Because it is not an end in itself, but rather a way, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis before incorporating Big Data solutions effectively.

Big Data is precisely what its name suggests, 'large volume of information'. This can tell you in general what you are doing, what type of product is sold more in your pharmacy, what people are looking for or what catches their attention.
However, why are we interested in all this information? What do we do with it? These questions are very interesting, due to recent advances in technology, which allow us collect and store more and more data.

A simple case that can serve as an example: advertising can be carried out segmented by the consumer's profile, improving the effectiveness of advertising by preventing consumers from receiving advertisements that do not interest them. This is the true magic of Big Data, we introduce a large volume of data in our computers and these are able to relate or correlate what the human mind cannot.

However, the pharmaceutical industry is among the sectors that are taken more time to incorporate online marketing strategies. Although digitization in the pharmaceutical sector has resisted change, pharmaceutical groups and major laboratories generate a large amount of information every day. Through Big Data, pharmacists and suppliers can collect important data such as the number of visits received daily, sales reports, collect information from pharmaceutical colleges; corroborate the needs of the patients or the quantity of products available, as well as the price. Therefore, it is essential to develop adequate mass data analysis techniques that allow pharmacies and laboratories to be more competitive.

Benefits of Big Data for the Pharmaceutical Industry:
- More efficient diagnostics
- Improvements in planning and interpretation of results
- Creation of disease patterns
- Better prediction of the safety and efficiency of a medicine
- Accurate measurement of representative’s activity efficiency
- Cost savings

Benefits of Big Data for pharmacists and suppliers:

Examining big data in real time has been a key factor in developing strategies that require rapid decision making.

The control of inventories in the pharmacy is frequently carried out with non-intelligent tools that demand exclusive dedication from pharmaceutical professionals. This can cause large losses when mistakes are made in purchases and there is over-stock or stock-out,. This could be avoided if in the pharmacy supply chain we consider each and every one of the planning processes, and by this way predict those events that are going to change your stock every day and generate great opportunities to maximize your profitability and efficiency.

Besides, big data allows the pharmacy:
- Instantly search your products historical sales.
- Get a stock report, fast and easy.
- Control of offers, orders, billing or contacts with managers.
- Improve the service to your customers.
- Improve and grow your pharmacy or laboratory in the commercial field.
- Get a list of offers of those products that are predictably accurate and you do not have in the warehouse.
- Have a register of entry and exit of drugs and other pharmaceutical products.
- Manage all your orders in an integral way (online and offline)
- Advance demand increases based on your historical data
- Use Big-Data to improve the efficiency of the administration of your pharmacy

The application of Big Data strategies to encourage the decision making in the health industry could produce hundreds of millions of annual value in the health system, optimizing innovation, improving the efficacy of research and clinical trials; as well as designing new tools that doctors, users and regulators fulfill the promise of a more personalized approach.

Likewise, the model adapted to "Big Pharma" must work in a different way than the Internet search engines that we currently know. That is, in a scientific research environment, exact predictive analytics search results are required. This brings complexity in the applications of digital marketing techniques in the sector.

Big Data not only benefits the pharmaceutical sector, it also benefits many other sectors that need to look for additional information on the products that change people's lives, which would lead to the management of how to use more efficiently the products that have several or many indications

Analyze, store and make decisions about the wide information that the Big Data of the pharmacy and laboratories offers through the purchase algorithms of ebuyFarma, will allow them to acquire and offer products with a simple click at the best price through this digital MarketPlace.

Do you want more information? Contact EbuyFarma without obligation.

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Five steps to achieve vertical integration in the pharmaceutical sector

Five steps to achieve vertical integration in the pharmaceutical sector

The healthcare industry is moving rapidly towards the "integration" of several functions to achieve greater efficiency, since most companies around the world are required to perform an efficient management of their inventories in order to be competitive regarding the provision of services to the client.

The companies participating in the pharmaceutical sector are trying different combinations and alliances in a great effort to control and reduce their services costs.

Benefits of vertical integration in the pharmaceutical sector:

ebuyFarma, as a digital platform is helping companies in vertical integration, improving the relationship between pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories. Basically, the general objective is to provide a better management of inventories, guaranteeing the timely availability of pharmacy products.

Another important points of this integration process is the direct access to the final customer, avoiding intermediaries. This makes it possible to increase the profit margin, as well as significantly improve their competitiveness by taking greater control of their functions and inventories.

The digitalization of pharmacies has made the process much easier. Analyzing big data in real time has been a key element in developing strategies in which rapid decision-making is required.

With vertical integration, costs are reduced, control over limited resources is obtained, service quality is guaranteed and potential customers are accessed.

Five steps to achieve vertical integration in the pharmaceutical sector:

1- First, evaluate the conditions and current operation of your company and direct suppliers and / or customers. Define policies for integration and collaboration. In this step, ebuyFarma collaborates to integrate the processes in a strategic way to create value and respond satisfactorily to the final client. Establishing policies that generate benefits for key customers and suppliers.

2- Analyze which are the problems or improvements areas that the business faces.

In ebuyFarma, through the "Total Stock Management" system, laboratories can access and cover the needs of thousands of pharmacies, as this tool detects in real time the stock needs of all users associated with the ebuyfarma Marketplace. You also have access, with just one click, to the available offers in real time.

3- Study the advantages offered by vertical integration. The recommended inventory management model is planning, forecasting and collaborative replenishment, remembering that the main objective is to improve integration with laboratories through the joint support and assistance offered by ebuyFarma to carry out best practices.

4- Performance measurement. We speak of continuous improvement and for this it is necessary to measure the fulfillment of the objectives that you have planned from the beginning. As well as measuring the impact generated by the application of best practices in inventory management: cost reduction, efficiency and customer satisfaction. You need to be sure about the necessary investments to carry out the integration. In addition, you will need time to see positive results.

5- Take action. Research and recent studies in this field have stated that vertical integration is no longer a selection strategy, especially for the pharmaceutical sector.

Vertical integration is the best way to "survive" and succeed in the pharmaceutical sector. This idea is based mainly on the fact that information and communication technologies have reduced transaction costs between a company, suppliers and customers. .

ebuyFarma, with its online platform, makes it easier and safer, facilitating the arduous task of finding customers, without losing control of what you are selling by having control of your stock.

Sign up without obligation HERE

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Improving the profit margin of laboratories and distributors in more than 10% is now possible!

Improving the profit margin of laboratories and distributors in more than 10% is now possible!

Achieving better profit margin is the best indicator that your business will survive and will sucess. This is because the profit margin is directly related to the financial health of your business. This is, without a doubt, one of the areas of greatest interest in the pharmacy business management. However, it is a challenge for pharmacies to maintain and increase profit margins to ensure financial strength.

How to improve the profit margin of laboratories and distributors by more than 10%?

It is necessary a good negotiation in the products purchase´s prices that the laboratories offer to the pharmacy, as well as a good purchase management with the distributors of the para-pharmacy products. In the first case, as established by law, the commercial margin will be determined by the discounts in the Laboratory Sale Price “PVL”. The better the negotiation, the higher the gross margin or the percentage of profit on the products purchased by the pharmacy.

Therefore, to improve the profit margin it is necessary to raise the commercial margin through negotiations and discounts agreed between laboratories or distributors, thus improving the percentage per unit, but preserving the retail price.

In ebuyFarma you will find better prices that you will not get in any other official channel of direct purchase. Laboratories and distributors have made very significant discounts available to Spanish pharmacies registered in ebuyFarma.

ebuyfarma digital platform provides the necessary online tools for laboratories to visualize and activate their offers for pharmacies adhered to ebuyfarma MarketPlace, obtaining the best discounts in services and parapharmacy products, so that pharmacies improve the profit margin by more than 10%.

Pharmacists and laboratories, without intermediaries, can manage the purchase with the maximum guaranteed discounts that pharmacist ca find in any other official Direct Purchase MarketPlace.

If you are a pharmacy, get in touch with ebuyFarma from here.

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Do you want to improve your pharmacy's margin and take control of your business?

Do you want to improve your pharmacy's margin and take control of your business?

Over the years we have seen that the success of a pharmacy depends on good purchases management and excellent Stock control. You can easily see how healthy your pharmacy is when the indicators in your financial statements make you happy or saddened the day by knowing what you are investing in and if your efforts are being compensated.

If your earnings are zero, or even if you have losses, surely you have asked yourself: how can I improve the profit margin and take control of my pharmacy business?

As the owner of a pharmacy, you may have ever faced this question in your professional life. As a good manager of your business, you want to optimize your efforts in an environment that is so changeable that it is often difficult to handle the situation. To achieve control of your business you must have everything in order. Improvising is not an option: you must have everything coolly calculated.

Tips to improve the pharmacy margin and put your business under control:

As an entrepreneur you must have an excellent command of your profits and find your balance point. In addition to using strategies that allow you to monitor these numbers:

1. Implement a system that allows you to obtain an objective measurement.

2. Innovate, launch new sales techniques and update marketing tools that allow you to increase the profitability of your pharmacy. Mainly, know the computer program that allows you to get the most knowledge of inventory modules and purchasing management. Inventory control, unfortunately, is often done with non-intelligent tools, which waste time and money by requiring pharmaceutical professionals to devote all their time to making decisions.

3. Plan your purchases better, taking into account those situations / factors that will change your stock day by day.
At this point you need a platform that is able to control your stock automatically, in real time. It is not worth buying cheap if you do not manage your stock correctly. You need to instantly search for your products, be aware of the items that you have to move, those that are about to expire; register and manage the entrances and exits of medicines or other products of your para-pharmacy, both online and offline.

5. Consolidate the image of your brand and create a loyalty program.

6. If you want to improve, strengthen and take control of the management of your pharmacy consider the necessary automation - in these times, mandatory - of the processes through ebuyFarma.

ebuyFarma, through "Total Stock Management" can detect in real time the stock needs of all products included in the platform. In addition, through its "Inbound Marketing" tool, it sends the information of interest, customised to pharmacy profile, the quality marketing "OnetoOne B2B"

Can you imagine not having to invest in a tool until you know its profitability? ebuyFarma makes it easier than ever to manage your pharmacy. Take control of your pharmacy HAVING FREE HERE HERE.

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Direct sale from multi-laboratory to pharmacy is already possible

Direct sale from multi-laboratory to pharmacy is already possible

Marketing is not simple issue; it requires synchronous, asynchronous, digital and physical actions. Clearly, we are talking about multi-channel and as you can see, it's not enough that your business is online and digital. That's just the beginning.

With the existence of digital platforms that allow to host the laboratory’s and supplier´s offers and launches available to pharmacy, the option is opened and pharmacies can buy directly from laboratories and suppliers, avoiding the middlemen and making a single direct order multi- laboratories, which will improve the efficiency of the channel by simplifying processes, while reducing costs and times.

In ebuyFarma this is already possible. Our consultants will support you throughout the process: we will give you free registry and we will upload to the platform the most competitive products of the brand.
ebuyFarma is a platform designed to facilitate the direct purchase and sale between pharmacies and laboratories / product suppliers.

We provide the necessary online tools so the laboratories can activate and sell their products through the platform, thanks to the thousands of pharmacies that receive daily offers through this platform; get the best discounts on prescription, services and parapharmacy products.

In summary, when belonging to this sales network, laboratories and suppliers acquire great benefits; among them: they can offer their best competitive products, achieving the loyalty of pharmacies by providing a direct service, quality and very low cost.

In addition, our platform contributes to the main welfare: improving the health of customers through this purchase and sale of products from the best pharmaceutical labs / suppliers.

Other benefits for the laboratory / pharmacy supplier. attention:
• You will connect with thousands of pharmacy offices that will see and want to buy your products, offers and new launches.
• Our sales techniques are designed to attract potential customers by offering relevant information of interest; through various media such as blogs, newsletters, videos, SEO, social networks ... Products will be offered to pharmacists when they need them through the digital platform (Inbound marketing).
• Direct selling without intermediaries. That translates into better quality of your services and of course, better commissions.
• ebuyFarma offers to the pharmaceutical sector a range of specialized, comprehensive, modern and transparent distribution services.
• Each pharmaceutical industry is unique. We do not copy a model or we replicate it, you deserve exclusive attention to satisfy your needs. We help you to boost your brand.

At ebuyFarma we have clear ideas: if you win, we win.

If you want to contact us, do it without commitment HERE. We will be happy to advise you and solve all your doubts!

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Do you use Big-Data and purchase algorithms at your pharmacy?

Do you use Big-Data and purchase algorithms at your pharmacy?

Controlling inventories at the pharmacy is often done with non-intelligent tools, which require a full-time dedication and constant decision-making from pharmaceutical professionals. This can cause big losses when mistakes are made in purchases and there is over-stock or when the product is not bought in time and there is a stock out situation.

This could be avoided if in the pharmacy´s supply chain, is considered all the planning processes, and by this way will be forecasted all events that will make your stock vary each day.
It is also difficult to monitor all the offers in the market and perform an efficient purchasing management, avoiding impulse purchases or forced, which often make margin loss in pharmacy management.

It is now possible to allocate the necessary resources to answer to these events, thanks to ebuyFarma.

With the use of intelligent tools applied to the management, you will achieve:
- Have an entry and exit record of products.
- Search instantly for your products.
- Get a fast and simple stock report.
- Improve attention to your customers.
- Improve and grow your pharmacy in the commercial field.
- Obtain a list of offers of those products that you will probably need and do not have in the store
- Manage all orders (online and offline)
- Control of offers, orders, invoicing or contacts with representatives.
- Anticipate seasonal and increment demand based in your historical and trend data
- Use big-data to improve the efficiency of your pharmacy management

Ebuyfarma is your integral multi-dealer system with exclusive offers.

Pharmacies have an enormous amount of data that is constantly generated "big data" and that it is necessary to store safely and according to the current legality.
To structure, segment, analyse and make decisions that can guide the pharmacist according to his management profile, a scientific way of managing his pharmacy; making decisions that are supported by algorithms that take into account their sales history and trends, as well as an infinity of data that will influence the purchase of the necessary products at the right time and at the best price to improve the margin and give the best service to the customers.

If you want to boost your pharmacy management, you must necessarily consider the automation process through ebuyFarma.
Automation facilitates control, reduces errors in general, and frees pharmacists from tasks that require exclusive dedication, so you can dedicate yourself to more relevant assignments like improving other processes and offering a better service.

What are you waiting for? ebuyFarma is totally free, and with the most competitive discounts that you will not find in any other official channel of direct purchase. It's time to belong to the first online platform for professionals in the pharmaceutical sector .. Registry for FREE HERE.

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