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Welcome to ebuyfarma
The marketplace B2B of pharmaceutical sector
Discover the new way to buy and sell medicines, OTC, sanitary products and services.
As pharmacy, buy in a comfortable way, multi brands in a single order and with safe payment.
As supplier, offer your products to thousands of pharmacies in a single step.
The new era of pharmaceutical sector
The new and more intelligent way to buy and sell
Thousands of pharmacies, receives daily direct offers from ebuyfarma.
Do you not still belong to our channel? If you are a provider or a pharmacy, you’ve only advantages to belong ebuyfarma digital platform.
Don’t waste your time; fill the application form and access today for free, to the future of the pharmaceutical sector.

ebuyfarma, the revolution of the pharmaceutical sector is now a reality…

If you’re pharmacy
In the digitalization of your pharmacy is the moment to go forward, and with ebuyfarma is easier than ever

The first multi brand market place, where to buy the best offers from thousands of providers, in a comfortable and secure way

All Purchased are dispatches directly form each supplier´s authorised warehouse to pharmacy, so ebuyfarma guarantees the supply chain according with current legislation

What are you waiting for? Sign up is free. Register and access the largest multi brand catalogue for free here….
Advantages for pharmacies

Advantages for pharmacies

Buy your sanitary products, OTC, Prescription and services in a single purchase and with comfortable and standard payment terms 30, 60, and 90 days
Advantages for suppliers

Advantages for suppliers

Access to thousands of clients with daily necessities of products and services, interest for new business opportunities or the necessity to speed up their stock management with an intelligent platform
Promoted Products

Promoted Products

The brands can be highlighted and promoted in the digital platform. Ebuyfarma offer several options to reach thousands of clients with the most effectives tools
Safe Payment

Safe Payment

Advanced Payment platform PCI-DSS level 1 In ebuyFarma the payment “in one click” is 100% safe, with all credit cards and without commissions for the pharmacy
Total Stock Management

Total Stock Management

ebuyFarma algorithm make big data analysis to understand the real necessities of pharmacies advising the pharmacy what, when an how much buy to achieve a intelligence stock management of pharmacy’s warehouses
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to know more about ebuyfarma? We invite you to visit our section FAQ FAQ
If you are supplier to pharmacies
Can you imagine access to the necessities of thousands of pharmacies? Ebuyfarma with “total Stock management” detect on real time, the inventory’s necessities of all clients

Can you imagine launch a new product and receive purchase order immediately? Ebuyfarma with “inbound Marketing” send the key information adapted to client´s necessities, profile and interest. One to one & B2B High quality Marketing

Can you imagine no to make any marketing investment until you assure profitability? Ebuyfarma commitment is easy…you will only pay if you obtain profits.

What are you waiting for? You can set up in ebuyfarma and access with your products thousands of pharmacies from here

Buy in one click without trader intermediaries

Find the best offers and promotions and raise your purchase in “one click” without trader intermediaries and no commissions. Best purchase price guaranteed

Free register and no fees

Belong to ebuyfarma has not risk, no cost. Access directly as industry professional and if you find and interesting product or offer, buy it without extra charges

Payment Terms

You can buy directly to laboratories with the best purchase conditions and offers
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Purchase the largest multi brand catalogue

Purchase a multi brand order with a single payment. Our system will manage directly the dispatches from suppliers to your pharmacy

Algorithm Total stock management

Ebuyfarma will send you automatically the best offers of product that you need, taking into account the best efficient way to manage your inventory and according to your purchase profile

Total Order management

Management and analysis of offers, orders, suppliers, products, stock, invoices and contacts with representatives. Ebuyfarma is a comprehensive system multi brand with exclusive offers

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